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Available Now! and General Boykin endorsement

Get Push Back now at these booksellers: Hardcover $18.24  Paperback $14.99 and Kindle $9.99

Books-A-Million: Hardcover at stores and $21.24

CBD: Hardcover $16.49 Hardcover $21.36


There’s Hope for the Future of America!

Millions of Americans are alarmed over our current cultural and political climate but are afraid to speak out. They feel bullied into accepting a cultural norm and political outlook sharply different from what they and mainstream America believe. Demagogues on the Left are aggressively pushing their ideology, making untold Americans question, for the first time, the historic promise and direction of their country. Many Americans no longer feel safe. Will there be a “push back” against this tide of liberalism as we head toward a national election that will determine America’s future?

This is the mission behind a new book to be released July 21 by Evergreen Press, Push Back by Rabbi Aryeh Spero, a frequent guest on Fox News and The Washington Times Morning Show. His published articles in major newspapers, from The Wall Street Journal to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, his testimony before Congress, and his electrifying speeches before conservative audiences, have made him one of today’s most passionate and uplifting spokesmen for America and the Judeo-Christian cause. He makes his case with clear, common sense reasoning and reminds us of the historic moral values and classic philosophy that shaped the founding of this country.

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“Rabbi Spero is one of America’s foremost authorities on the nexus of faith and freedom. Through an historic analysis of the founding of this nation and the intent of the forebearers, he offers a very thoughtful blueprint for the recovery of American pride and American exceptionalism. This book will give the reader hope for the future of our nation.”

Rabbi Spero presents an honest exposition and insightful analysis of what the Left is doing to transform America and impose its will on the freedoms and daily life of the average American. In brilliant but heartfelt and warm fashion, Spero demonstrates that today’s liberalism is a renunciation of the broad moral principles that were directly responsible for America’s liberty, prosperity, and strength, and we imperil our future by discarding them.

Spero has seen how too many in the conservative movement have been unwilling to stand up and proudly proclaim their beliefs. He urges us to do so, and by elucidating such concepts as social justice, compassion, tolerance, and capitalism, he girds the reader with the inner strength and moral clarity and fortitude to go out into the public square and fight for America’s future.

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“Rabbi Aryeh Spero is a rare man of principle and courage who gets it! He understands that what has made this country the freest and most prosperous nation in history is the foundation that was laid by people who were empowered by their faith rooted in the Word of God. I am proud to call him friend.”

This book stands out! It inspires those who love our country. Spero is just the person to write this book since he has extensively traveled America and knows it firsthand—from NYC’s liberal salons, to office buildings in the South, to farms across the Midwest, to our houses of worship. Rabbi Spero asks that we meet this historic moment with courage and Push Back.

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A few of the topics discussed in Push Back

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Hijacking Our Heritage

Posted on May 28th, by Admin in Topics. No Comments

A Revolution by Words

Nothing is more important to an organized society than the words and language it uses to define itself and its aspirations. These definitions constitute a society’s ethos and shape its political future. How leaders and opinion shapers define these terms animate society and determine the direction it will travel. Knowing this, the liberal Left is consciously re-defining the historic terms and language of American society to provide credence and underpinning to its goal of remaking American life and transforming it politically, socially, and economically. To achieve this radical political transformation, the Left is increasingly co-opting our historic moral language through a revolution by words.

Whoever “owns” the language of a people owns its soul, its allegiance, and its future. How these terms are interpreted and understood will determine the goals of our longstanding institutions, our laws, and courts—what we as a people stand for. What is at stake is our national character and what constitutes Americanism, and even the texture and personality of the individual American.

When pushing his agenda and commenting on current events, President Obama repeatedly refers to our values in an ongoing effort of trying to convince Americans that his brand of … Read More »

Moral Imperatives

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Doing What We Ought To Do

We’ve spoken about the importance of morality within the Judeo-Christian ethos. So, what does it mean? How do we of the American Judeo-Christian tradition define the term morality? Moral simply means “doing that which we ought to do because it is right.” But what we do depends first on how we define what is right. It will take us a few steps to reach our answer, but it will help us get a handle on the animating principle behind Americanism.

Man’s individuality, intelligence, and ability to choose with discernment make him human. This distinguishes him from an animal. Our mind allows us to discern and our soul provides us conscience to do that which we ought, i.e., that which is moral.

First, morality is universal and not dependent on which group you come from. In other words, it is objective. Second, it should be fixed and not relative: what was wrong years ago remains so today and that which is right today had to be right before. The only condition that we all share today as before, and the only condition where there is no difference between individuals, is in our having been created by … Read More »

Let’s Roll!

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It’s Time To Take Action!

Aside from voting, what can each of us do to help America save its historic identity so that the blessings and opportunities we had will be available to our children? How do we stop the Left’s path of destruction? One thing is for sure: they will not stop on their own. No matter how many legislative victories they win and changes are made, they will never cease from their obsessive need for social engineering and redistributing. For them, there is no point of satisfaction until they have total control.

So…let’s roll! Let’s do the job. Fight, fight! Let’s take our country back. It’s our country, fight for it! It belongs to those who love it, not those who want to transform it. It belongs to those who, without qualification, say: I’m proud to be an American. It belongs to those who work for it and give, not those who deride it and simply sponge off it.

Winning this battle requires, on our part, face to face verbal confrontation. We must be assertive. It is emotionally hard to do that, and not all stomachs are so inclined, but we have no choice. We can no longer simply coast and … Read More »

Equality and Fairness

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Equal Justice Under the Law

Equality means equal justice under the law. There has never been a better definition and realization for equality than this. People in America often do not realize how unique this biblical and American founding principle is. Throughout history, most people have lived under systems where certain groups or privileged classes lived by a set of laws above the rest, or within caste systems, or as exploited infidels. The Magna Carta was a seminal document erasing legal distinctions based on hierarchy.

The Founders, as the Old Testament, aspired to a civic ethos where the law would be equally applied so that each individual had the opportunity to live, and become, according to his own efforts and abilities. The Declaration spoke of our right as individuals “to pursue happiness,” not of a government obligation to guarantee individual happiness.

“All men are created equal.” We take this phrase for granted today, but until the Declaration of Independence, no document or group of men had distilled this soaring concept into such a tight and impactful phrase. It hits you square in the face: “Hear ye, Hear ye.” No other sentence has changed mankind as did that one except the passage in Genesis … Read More »

The Founders

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Life, Liberty, and Happiness

The Founding Fathers were influenced not only by the great philosophical debates and discussions of their day but by classic schools of thought, including the Bible. Though they did not look to the Bible as a guide for daily ritual practice, they saw in this classic work profound moral themes centered on justice, equality, liberty, and pursuit of happiness, as well as an outline emphasizing local control as opposed to centralized power.

The overriding importance of liberty to those within a nation is highlighted in Leviticus 25:10, which states: “Proclaim liberty throughout the land and to all the inhabitants thereof.” Liberty is not reserved for a particular class nor based on one’s being politically correct but is a God-given right to all within our society.

The Old Testament, for example, underscores the paramountcy of the individual and its corollary of personal responsibility, both crucial elements in shaping what was to become a unique civilization: America.

In Deuteronomy 24:16 it is written: “Each human by his own sin is to be judged.” In other words, people are judged as individuals, not as members of groups. We further read in Deuteronomy, 24:16: “Do not punish children for the sins of their fathers.” … Read More »


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The Morality of Capitalism

Nothing has provided hundreds of millions with more wealth and a dignified quality of life as has free market capitalism. That in itself makes it a moral paradigm and something which ought to be. And it has done so for the longest sustained period of time in human history. No system has given people more choice in how they feed themselves and in how they wish to make their living than has capitalism. This aspect of free choice makes it singularly moral.

Free enterprise keeps us free politically and remains a moral enterprise when guided by the general themes of the Bible. We are not Japan, Inc. as some in the 1980s characterized her. Our free enterprise is part of something far grander. We conservatives are not libertarians but the last remaining advocates of the Judeo-Christian moral enterprise.

In free market capitalism, people can choose to work for themselves, to gain income by exercising their talents, or to work for a company where one’s weekly salary is pretty much guaranteed. Many of these companies are large and able to provide guaranteed salaries and upward economic mobility because thousands of people have invested their money into the company, which is … Read More »


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Compassion Toward the Distressed

Though we may feel compassion for someone, from that sentiment does not necessarily derive a moral obligation to perform an act of compassion. Webster says, compassion is “granted because of unusual distressing circumstances affecting the individual.” One does not automatically become an object for compassion simply because society or groups have willy nilly made them objects of compassion. We may certainly sympathize with those in conditions we would not wish on ourselves, but our moral obligation for direct acts of compassion depend on certain conditions. As with everything else moral, we extend compassion when it ought be extended.

The subject of our compassion should fall into the category of those deserving compassion: the truly needy, as in the economically bereft widow and orphan so often mentioned in the Bible, the sick, the elderly, or those who have been dealt a terrible blow of unfortunate circumstance.

Are we simply enabling bad behavior by our continued acts of compassion? Are these people, of themselves, deserving of compassion or simply straw men used by those who have an agenda to take our earnings and redistribute them to potential voters? Are our acts of compassion temporary or will we be forced to continue … Read More »

Marriage and Life

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The Sanctity of Marriage and Life

The phenomenon of marriage is as old as Adam and Eve, which makes it older than any other relationship except the one between man and God. That being the case, its definition is exceedingly important and the most classic. For conservatives, words and definitions are not things to be manipulated nor hijacked to fit a cause or preference because civilization depends on how we define the concepts by which it operates. Conservatives like our civilization—we wish to conserve it. Redefining a concept is redefining civilization, thereby jeopardizing the continuation of that civilization along the lines of what it was, is, and will become.

Marriage is that which takes place between a man and a woman. Relationships that are not between a man and woman are arrangements or partnerships. Business relationships are not marriages nor are sexual relationships in and of themselves marriage.

Marriage is a definition tied to history and cannot be recalibrated so as to conform to preferences. It is not a civil rights issue but fidelity to a definition, and words do matter. Words are not to be played with as was done in Alice in Wonderland when Humpty Dumpty said, “words mean whatever I … Read More »

Responsibility and Reciprocity

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The Responsibility of Giving and Receiving

Central to the Judeo-Christian ethos and historic Americanism that grew from it are the facts that we were created as individuals, are moral agents capable of free choice, and live with personal responsibility and accountability. It is that which makes us actively human and created in the image of God. This paradigm is incumbent not only on he who acts and gives but also for those who receive.

The whole philosophical contest between liberals and conservatives boils down to the fundamental and essential questions of: What is man, who is the individual, how do we define his responsibilities, and do we exempt certain sub-cultures from acting properly due to their role as players in the liberal paradigm of class warfare?

No one can place himself in a receivership category that places him beyond, or exempts him from, living by a moral code requiring that he live and choose correctly. To do so would be a personal statement undermining one’s own status as a moral agent and an announcement of his inability to act as an accountable being. Personal responsibility is the quintessential definition of what it means to be an active being. Whatever our situation, be it … Read More »